Manufacturer and Supplier of Air Conditioner Spare Parts, Copper Tubes

About Us

Nanya Group of companies is a long and well established trading company in India. The product range of the group includes air conditioner parts, Copper Tubes, Copper Fittings, Hardware Fittings and Textiles. Since almost 2 decades now, the group is fully involved in the imports of products from South East Asian countries and its distribution in India through its strong dealer's network.

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Group Companies
  • AKANKSHA SYNTEX PVT LTD (Textiles and Yarns)
  • NANYA AIRCONN PVT. LTD (Airconditioner Parts and Copper Tubes)
  • NANYA INTERNATIONAL (Hardware Fittings)
  • NANYA INFOTECH (Software Development)

Featured Products

  • MAALGADI 1118

    MAALGADI 1118


  • MAALGADI 1218

    MAALGADI 1218




    1300 WATTS MOTOR

    1250MM X 1800MM CARRIER SIZE

  • MAALGADI 1015

    MAALGADI 1015





    Sawaari Power is the flagship model of Nanya Group in it's passenger rickshaw category.As the name suggest, this model is truly a symbol or power and strength both in terms of its body and technical. Fitted with a motor of 1000 Watt and 24 tube controller (1000 Watts) it can carry upto 800 Kgs of load. Its heavy structure guarantees a longer life than any other model available in the category


Nanya Airconn Pvt Ltd , a flagship company of Nanya Group of companies , is a closely held company owned by a Jain Family. Read More


After importing fabric for almost a decade the group made its first diversification in year 2003 by starting importing air conditioners parts and copper tubes. Read More

Nanya Infotech

At the same time the group has also ventured in IT business. The group has developed its first online database management application to manage Read More