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E Rickshaw Charger Manufacturer

Nanya Group of Companies is the leading brand of E Rickshaw Charger Manufacturers. We are the best manufacturers of e rickshaw equipments who is making these chargers by using the high class raw material and other elements sourced from the exclusive vendors. Our expert team of trained and professional engineers is using its expertise to manufacture the best quality of e rickshaw chargers.

These chargers are making the company stand at the frontier for its quality. These chargers are designed to have the longer life so that it becomes comfortable for the vehicle to travel for longer hours easily. These batteries get charged till the time e rickshaw is moving. These chargers are used to charge the battery which runs the e rickshaw.

These chargers are made with a good quality of IC which works efficiently to charge the battery faster. The chargers have best capacity to charge the high class battery very quickly which will remain charged for longer duration. It thus helps in lower power consumption.


  • These e rickshaw chargers are made in a good quality of structure.
  • We manufacture the e rickshaw chargers with the usage of efficient IC which will help in charging efficiently and at a greater pace.
  • We are offering you the best range of diverse capacity e rickshaw chargers which will help in keeping the batteries charged.
  • We are offering these chargers at a reasonable price.