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E Rickshaw Meter Manufacturer

Nanya Group of Companies is the leading brand of E Rickshaw Meter Manufacturer. We are manufacturing the e rickshaw meter which is been made with the usage of best quality of raw material sourced from the selective vendors in the market. Our expert team of trained and professional engineers is aimed for manufacturing the exclusive range of meters for e rickshaw.

It is well known that every transport system is assembles with the meter to identify the distance travelled by the vehicle and in the similar way the e rickshaw is also assembles with the meters to calculate the distance travelled by it. Generally e rickshaws are used to transport people or carry goods from one place to another. So, it is required to have meter in the vehicle so that they can identify and calculate the proper rent for the transport or delivery of goods from one place to another. The rent which is been taken depends upon the distance or kilometers travelled by the vehicle for that particular slot.

We are offering you the best quality of meter for your e rickshaws. Our meters are very reliably and good at functioning. It helps in calculate the accurate distance travelled in a single drive. These meters are helpful in indicating the precise readings of meters. The needles are straight and work properly. These meters work efficiently with the rugged and robust structure.


  • The meters used in e- rickshaw is made in a rugged body structure.
  • We manufacture the e rickshaw meters with best quality of material by applying the polish to make it prevented from corrosion.
  • We are manufacturing the efficient range of meters to identify and calculate the correct distance.
  • These meters are very much precise while indicating the distance.
  • We are offering these meters within an affordable range.